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We put our passion for technology development and innovation and constantly seek to find better solutions

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We are proactive and we always look for new and better solutions, constantly challenging ourselves and people in our surrounding. We believe in getting things done – from Idea to End consumer!

Heating and Ventilation

Efficiently controlled and
profiled to your house

PCB design
Electrical schematics,
routing and firmware
Software development
From concept and idea to testing, debugging and implementation
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Product design

From idea to concept design, prototyping, production optimization, electronic and mechanical design, firmware development to finished product.

Software development

From embedded firmware, to mobile app development, to linux systems and server architecture. We do everything from rapid prototyping to full scaled production systems.

Modelling and control

Modelling of real world systems is essential when it comes to control, and we do want to control our systems as flawless as possible — both using regular control system design and adaptive machine learning.

Current project

Apto Smart Home

The heart of the self-thinking energy-efficient smart home. There are many fun technology gadgets to fill the home with today, but they do not always speak so well with each other. We begun our technology revolution with the development of a truly competent heart and brain, combining various sensors and actuators to control your lights, heating and security system. One app is all it takes to become energy aware and control your home!

LevelUp Machine Positioning

The time of construction is strongly correlated with the price of building, so machine and operator time needs to be maximed. Having complete 3D drawings geopositioned in real-time reduces the risk of mistakes and increases your productively.

About us

Zyax AB is a technology developer within the Resona Group.

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