Global asset tracker

Connecting everywhere

The mobile communication network has grown from only transmitting audio to full internet services with video calls, high speed internet and low power Internet of Things-devices. Asset trackers are small powerful devices that are equipped with radio modems and a wide range of sensors to supervise and monitor shipments in real time all over the world!

Small but powerful

The device is equipped with accelerometer, ambient light, relative humidity, temperature, magnet, and pressure sensor and continously logs the measurements on user-configurable intervals! The position of the device can either be triangulated by recording the nearby GSM base stations or by using the onboard GNSS-sytem. All this information is automatically uploaded through nearby LTE-M or 2G networks.

Additional sensors can be integrated through an extension cable or by using the onboard Bluetooth system.

The device is no larger than a modern cellphone but has a battery lifetime of more than 100 days and can be exposed to -30° degree Celsius!