About Us

We are a team of curious, researching, analytical people always seeking a better way of solving problems. Never settling for anything but what makes the final product optimized for its purpose!

From conceptualizing a dream to mass production, we are working along you all the way to make sure the process runs as smooth as possible. We are curious by nature and product designers by profession, and our competences lies in the following areas

  • app development,
  • circuit simulations,
  • pcb design,
  • product design,
  • cloud solutions,
  • linux systems

With the eyes of a newborn we see the world a little different. Free from old legacy functions we challenge old truths and standards to make a better every day for our users, associates and team members. We challenge the comfort zone of companies in a time when everything seems to be about fulfilling an already given specifications.

By being ourselves and always questioning the given we are producing services that create value for our partners, customers and end users.

Alone we are strong, together we are stronger

Zyax is a proud member of the Resona group that constantly work towards a better, safer and more efficient construction process. The group has one common goal - producing fantastic accomodations with the little extra that makes you fall in love with your new home! Our goal is to make the process as cost efficient as possible to allow as many people as possible to afford their spectacular home.

The group consists of