Smart home

The modern home has only begun to see the light of day! With everything from smart assistants to streaming TV services, wireless light control to predictive heating solutions the modern home is becoming more and more connected resulting in new services lower power consumption! Wouldn’t it be nice having the light following the rhythm of the sun and the heating adjusting automatically with light intensity and weather forecasts?

Advantages during all product phases

The Apto smart home system integrates wirelessly resulting in a rapid installation that enhances your existing installation, simplifies the planning phase and makes your home dynamic. The system can be configured during installation and re-configured at any time allowing you to use the system in a flexible way to accommodate your needs.

Open eco-system

Everyone benefits in an open eco-system! End user have a much wider range of products to choose and product developers do not need to spend time and resources on developing existing solutions!

Security, heating, and lighting working together

Traditional verticals such as heating, lighting and security do not often co-exist. Why is that? Wouldn’t it make sense if the security motion sensor could trigger light sources and regulate the heating based on demand? Light sensors can (and should) be used with both lighting applications and heating regulators to better optimize the indoor comfort and reduce the energy consumption.

Apto Smart Home

More information regarding the Apto system will follow shortly!