The modern home has only begun to see the light of day! With everything from smart assistants to streaming TV services, wireless light control to predictive heating solutions the modern home is becoming more and more connected resulting in new services lower power consumption! Wouldn’t it be nice having the light following the rhythm of the sun and the heating adjusting automatically with light intensity and weather forecasts?

Construction sites can be a hazardous workplace that is exposed to a lot of stress, tension, and harsh environment. With the use of modern sensors, the efficiency of the work can be maximized while increasing the safety of all personell involved! Zyax us currently developing a solution to increase the efficiency and maximize the safety of the construction sites!

The mobile communication network has grown from only transmitting audio to full internet services with video calls, high speed internet and low power Internet of Things-devices. Asset trackers are small powerful devices that are equipped with radio modems and a wide range of sensors to supervise and monitor shipments in real time all over the world!